5 Tips for Turning Your Vision Board into a Reality Altering Billboard

People use vision boards to bring the changes they want into their lives. Romance, health, wealth and more. The vision board is a constant reminder and inspiration. All you need to do is paste images of what you want in your life into a collage. Check out this great post by Christine Kane on how to make a vision board.

How To Use The Vision Board – The Basics

    The vision board can work in one of two ways:

  • You find yourself getting very emotionally attached to and inspired by achieving the goals. As a result you work very hard and eventually your dreams come true. Congratulations! Your hard work paid off.
  • You can also use the vision board to attract what you want in your life via spiritual or energetic principles. You are setting an intention and allowing the Universe to fulfill it. While, of course, taking action and putting yourself into the flow of life.Caution: Emotional attachment to outcomes will interfere with fulfillment by the Universe. Because life is about learning and growing, emotional attachment adds other elements to the attraction process. The Universe is indifferent to what your ego thinks you want or need and reflects back to you like a mirror the experiences you ask for. Whether you are aware of sending the request or not.

If you’re interested in the second approach there are tools to make the process even more effective. You might want to experiment to see which you are most comfortable using. One thing they all have in common is they become more effective the more you practice with them. Repeated use tells the Universe you’re serious about your intent. The repetition brings the tools and your vision to life at an energetic level.

In “The Druid Magic Handbook” John Michael Greer describes this process in detail. Specifically, he writes about using simple symbols to attract complex situations. The simplicity of the symbol makes creating a strong intent much easier. The more you use the symbol the greater its effectiveness.

You can even reuse symbols. If Richard Bartlett is correct in his observations on guides and helpers in “The Physics of Miracles”, and in my experience he is, when groups of people use the same symbol or guide the results are dramatically improved.

In using these various tools you are imprinting on the universal life force. Whether or not the life force imprint is present in your life physically, yet, doesn’t matter. The stronger the imprint the sooner the physical representation will come to you.

How To Use Your Vision Board – Advanced Tools

  • Vision Board Meditation is the combining of the vision board with regular meditation. Body relaxation, allowing your thoughts to drift and observing yourself. Just add to your meditation the placing of your attention on the vision board with the detached, focused intent to have what it represents fulfilled.
  • Symbolism is the process of using or creating a simple symbol to represent the vision board and all it contains. Your vision board is probably pretty complex. Focusing on a simple symbol representing the vision board will allow you to concentrate your intention.
  • Symbolic Workshop Space is a workshop in your imagination. In this space you are all powerful. Create, build, attract whatever you wish in your life. Remember, from the life force or Universe perspective, it is the imprint that is important. That it is in your imagination is no different than if it was in your basement. In the workshop you are creating the imprint both of the workshop and the vision you are attracting. You can even combine the workshop space with the Symbolism process.
  • Spirit Guides and other entities, pick your favorite, are one of my main tools. You can think of them as symbols that can move, talk, and respond to you. You may find that some existed before you thought of creating them and other not until you brought them into your imagination. The principle is the same as with the Symbols. The more you work with the guides the more effective they will be.
  • Direct Life Force Imprinting is about working directly with the life force. Your body is like an antenna. While you always have life force running through you, you can learn to open yourself even more. With increased flow your effectiveness at imprinting and even guiding the life force improves greatly. This process can be subtle and forcing can be problematic. Getting a good strong buzzing flow going, though, and imprinting your intention at the same time can be very effective.

Personally, I haven’t used the simple symbolism much. Also, I’ve found Direct Life Force Imprinting can be combined with any of the other tools for improved results.

Using entities, symbolic work space, and direct life force imprinting have been a very effective combination for me. I’ve used these processes in both my personal and business life for a number of years. What I’ve found is that I get exactly what I ask for. When I ask with strong intent and a good buzz of life force flowing through my body things happen fast. The more I’ve used the techniques the faster and more accurate the results. And I get it whether I really wanted the result or not! It’s all learning and I am grateful for the growth I’ve experienced. If nothing else you will learn to laugh and enjoy the process.

Before trying any of these techniques start simple and give some thought to the request you are about to make.

For your reference here are the resources mentioned:

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